Meet the Labs


Meet the labs

Conceptual development
Visual title design
Interactive motion graphics

Meet the Labs is a website that connects middle school students with real-world science and scientists. It addresses the learning concepts required for grades 6-8 by the Wisconsin Science Standards. These assets were built in partnership with middle school science teachers and UW-Madison scientists.

The original Meet the Labs did not include interactive user activities. It was my personal curiosity that brought these options to the project.

The overall work is informed by conversations with subject matter experts (SMEs). The scientists bring inspiring cutting-edge science, and the teachers help to distill that science into age-appropriate lesson plans, videos, and activities.

Through remote collaboration and quality assurance testing, the SMEs guided our progress. It was a true joy for all of us to watch our entire plan come together!

The interactive lessons and assignments, whether used remotely or in person, have been such a success that our team has been tasked to bring older programs to life by adding similar interactivity.

To explore this project, visit Virus Investigators: Superpowered by Electron Microscopy, and scroll to the bottom of the page to the Science Practices Activity. Alternatively, watch a three-minute video overview of the project.