here & now



Empowering others

“Here and Now” is PBS Wisconsin’s flagship news program. After 10 years on air, we were charged with a show redesign that would evaluate every element of the program - from format to graphics to set design. As lead designer, I collaborated with producers, directors, engineers, and print, scenic and lighting design. Conversations about goals had to be measured against production capacity.

Wish lists were met with research and technical questions. My personal goals were to respect and maintain the brand, while bringing more energy and functionality to the visuals. The title design was updated by a colleague, while I worked with the producers on what elements the show would need. I then designed and built those elements, working with engineers, directors, scenic design and editors to make sure they worked as a unified whole. I worked to create a toolbox of elements that would empower editors and others to use my graphics package easily. “Here and Now” is investing in more online-first content. Our current design department does not have the capacity to support the online production timeline, so I relied on my staff to create graphics templates that could be used by the online producer in Adobe Premiere. This has allowed for additional content production while still maintaining the branding and visual standards of the program.