Project management
Finding efficiencies
Communication and collaboration
Unifying design
Reducing cost and stress on staff

PBS Wisconsin has been doing an auction for over 40 years. In 2016 I inherited the project when the previous broadcast graphic designer retired unexpectedly. Auction is not a beautifully designed project - it grew organically for years and different parts were designed by different people. This led to a mishmash of styles, organization methods, software, etc. No one person understood the scope of the production needs.

With a short timeline and reduced staff, my goals were to inventory who was making what, how, when, and where, unify the design where possible, reduce stress on staff, and reduce production costs by standardizing and automating graphics and workflow.

Conversations with producers, directors, IT, web, volunteers, promotions, print and scenic designers allowed me to make timelines, coordinate assignments, and change workflows. With the Auction Manager we made immediate changes and a 2-year plan for future improvements. The plan has not yet been fully implemented, but the results of organizing and automating have already improved the look, function, and efficiency of the project.