“When the revolution comes, we’ll have all the good graphic designers on our side.”
  -Jon Lovett

Design is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. When you miss a turn off the highway, odds are good that there was a failure of signage design. When you can’t find your way through the curvy streets of a suburb, it’s the success of a design that means to keep strangers at bay. In college I learned that Art teaches you about culture and context, color and scale, and their effect on human beings.

When I migrated to graphic design, I learned to use these same tools to deliver messages, solve problems, and communicate with our fellow humans. Design has a purpose. If it’s not achieving its purpose, it’s failing. Whether it’s making a website accessible, attracting a specific audience, or sharing poll results, it’s about user experience. As a graphic designer, I derive great pleasure from helping an audience experience so much valuable content.

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